The Pinktober by Aljalil Developers

The Pinktober by Aljalil Developers

The Pink October or Pinktober is a month long awareness campaign about Breast Cancer. The Pinktober is celebrated throughout the world to raise awareness about the symptoms, preventions and treatment of breast cancer.

In Pakistan the cases of breast cancer are rapidly increasing. Pakistan is reported of have more breast cancer cases in most Asian countries. According to the report by Dovepress, one in nine women is at risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer in Pakistan. The lack of awareness is preventing women from timely accessing the medical needs.

The self-exam or self-check of your breasts regularly on your own is an important step to catch symptoms on early stage to prevent breast cancer and timely treatment. It is advised that every woman should check themselves at least once a month to look for any changes.

Here are few simple tips on how you can check yourself at home.

1. The Mirror Inspection

Stand in front of a mirror with your arms straight of the sides and inspect your breast. Afterwards raise your arms high over your head. Look carefully and check if you see any swelling or dimpling on and around your breasts. Now put your hands on your back to check if there is any swelling or dimpling on one of your breasts.

2. The Shower Check

After shower you can check your breast easily by applying pressure on your breasts. Put the flats of three fingers around your breasts and near armpit area move around with light, media and high pressure to notice any lumps or thickening and hardening of skin or any other noticeable changes.

3. The Lying Down check

When you are lying down you and easily inspect yourself. Put a pillow under your right shoulder and now use your left hand’s three fingers to inspect the right side breast area. Repeat the same process for the other side. Inspect your breast carefully and check with light, medium and high pressure. Check your breasts for any rash, lumps and thickness of skin.

If you find any irregularity while self-inspection, don’t panic there can be multiple reasons for changes in your body but it is very important to see a doctor and take medical advice. It is easier to treat and prevent the spread of breast cancer if it is diagnosed on early stages.

Here at Al Jalil Developers we are celebrating Pinktober with awareness campaign. An awareness seminar for breast cancer symptoms, prevention and treatment is held at 15 October 2021. Pink ribbons are also distributed amongst employees as the reminder of importance of breast cancer awareness.

As responsible citizens it is important to spread the awareness and help prevent more causalities due to breast cancer.

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