Al-Jalil Group of Companies

For the past 40 years, Al-Jalil Group of Companies has cemented its reputation as a facilitator of success through the provision of innovative solutions to common challenges. From the inception of our first transport company in 1980, we have aimed to empower our fellow Pakistanis to elevate their lifestyles and make informed decisions. This drive has led to the development of a diverse portfolio encompassing Real Estate, Alternate Energy, Sports Management, Transport, Banking, Franchising, Manufacturing, and Food & Beverages. At Al-Jalil Group of Companies, our focus is on promoting sustainable growth as we work towards a brighter, shared future. Our vision is to cultivate brands that inspire trust through responsible business practices that contribute significantly to the country's economy and strengthen our communities.


Al-Jalil Developers is a leading company in the real estate, housing, and infrastructure sectors in Pakistan. Our portfolio includes a range of prestigious projects, such as the Al-Jalil Garden Housing Scheme, the largest LDA-approved housing project in Lahore West; the Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme, a premium housing society in Sheikhupura; the Al-Baari Residencia, a luxurious residential development. Additionally, we are the creators of Pakistan's first-ever purpose-built entertainment city, the Lahore Entertainment City.

With a strong track record of developing mega commercial projects and introducing community living to Pakistan, Al-Jalil Developers has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation. We are committed to providing our customers with not just houses, but with peace of mind and a secure future. Our values of vigilance, quality, and customer satisfaction have allowed us to earn the trust and loyalty of generations of satisfied customers.


To be the leading facilitator of success in Pakistan, building brands that inspire trust and contributing significantly to the country's economy and communities.


To provide innovative solutions to common challenges, empowering our fellow Pakistanis to elevate their lifestyles and make informed decisions.


To maintain and grow our diverse portfolio of businesses, including Real Estate, Alternate Energy, Sports Management, Transport, Banking, Franchising, Manufacturing, and Food & Beverages. To continuously improve our corporate social responsibility practices and contribute to the well-being of our communities. To foster a culture of innovation and excellence within the organization, enabling our employees to achieve their full potential and contribute to our collective success.




As CEO of Al-Jalil Group of Companies, Mr. Shahid Hassan Warraich is a driving force behind multiple successful ventures within the organization, including Al-Jalil Developers, Warraich Gas, Omega Petroleum, and PurePolly. With a rich educational background and experience of working with notable companies in Canada, Mr. Shahid brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role. Upon his return to Pakistan, Mr. Shahid took the reins of the rapidly expanding family business and quickly made a name for himself as a visionary leader. He played a key role in establishing and growing Al-Jalil Developers and Warraich Gas, and the launch of Omega Petroleum marked another significant expansion into the energy sector. Under Mr. Shahid’s guidance, these projects have experienced tremendous growth and success.

In addition to his business pursuits, Mr. Shahid is also deeply committed to social and environmental causes. Mr. Shahid founded PurePoly, an initiative aimed at replacing toxic plastic disposal bags with environmentally friendly polypropylene woven sacks, and also happens to be a board member of the Naya Pakistan Task Force, which is team of highly competent professionals working to provide affordable, quality housing for the masses under the Naya Pakistan Housing Project. As a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization since 2020, Mr. Shahid has also served as a mentor to other leaders and entrepreneurs, sharing his insights and expertise with a global community of over 16,000 professionals. With his people-focused approach and keen leadership skills, Mr. Shahid continues to make a positive impact in both his private and social ventures.


CEO Al-Jalil Group of Companies


As a skilled businessman and seasoned entrepreneur, Mr Faraz Hassan Warriach has a strong commitment to bringing positive change to his community. In his role as Managing Director of Al- Jalil Developers since 2010, he has taken the lead on corporate-wide initiatives to streamline processes and increase efficiency, resulting in enhanced operating effectiveness.

Mr Faraz is responsible for all aspects of the company’s operations, focused on high-end real estate development, with a keen interest in finding affordable living solutions for the masses. His dedication to improving processes and finding innovative solutions has helped to make Al-Jalil Developer a leader in its industry.

In addition to his management responsibilities, Mr Faraz is also deeply invested in the development of his community. He has a strong track record of success in driving positive change and making a difference in the lives of those around him. His leadership and vision have helped to shape the direction of the Al-Jalil Developers and have contributed to its ongoing growth and success.


Managing Director Al-Jalil Developers


As a highly educated and experienced professional, Mr Aslam has made it his mission to contribute to the betterment of his country through his work with the family business. With a degree in Marketing & Finance from the University of London, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as head of the commercial wing of the company, overseeing Sales, Marketing & Communications, and customer care.

Mr Aslam is known for his independent approach and his dedication to continuous learning and growth. He has a forward-thinking mindset and is always looking for innovative ways to improve service delivery and drive progress. In addition to his professional pursuits, Mr Aslam is a strong believer in the potential of the younger generation to shape the future of the nation, and he encourages his team to embrace their individuality and contribute their ideas to the success of the company.

With his visionary leadership and commitment to excellence, Mr Aslam is a valuable asset to the family business and a powerful force for positive change in his community.


Commercial Director Al-Jalil Developers

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