Master-Planned Community Embodiment of Grandeur Picture-Perfect Streetscape Widest Roads & Greenbelts Peaceful Living Central Park & Grand Masjid


Pursuing Glory, Attaining Excellence

Building on a heritage of delivering international standard lifestyle community projects for the last 2 decades, Al Jalil Developers is a professional Real Estate Development Company based in Lahore, Pakistan employing a team of very skilled Personnel and Technicians. The company is a leading brand in the field of metropolitan infrastructure development.

Al Jalil Developers adhere to highest standards of professional ethics, honesty and integrity while providing its services to its clients. We stand by our principles, values and passion to ensure that every project that we deliver raise the bar on quality of service and delivery, not only for us but the industry as a whole. By paying great attention to detail Al Jalil Garden has transformed into the most trustworthy brand in the real estate industry.