Marina Sports City Residencia - The Deal of The Decade

Marina Sports City Residencia - The Deal of The Decade

The Deal of the Decade-Al-Jalil Developers has become the most innovative company in Pakistan’s housing market.

Al-Jalil Developers, a leading real estate developer in Pakistan, has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the country’s housing and infrastructure sectors. The company’s values of vigilance, quality, and customer satisfaction have earned the trust and loyalty of generations of satisfied customers. Al-Jalil Developer’s robust portfolio includes prestigious projects such as the Al-Jalil Garden Housing Scheme, the LDA-approved largest housing project of Lahore West; the Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme, a premium and luxurious housing societies in Sheikhupura; Al Baari & Al Aziz Residencia. In addition, Al-Jalil Developers has created Pakistan’s first-ever purpose-built entertainment city, the Lahore Entertainment City.

With a track record of developing mega commercial projects and introducing community living to Pakistan, Al-Jalil Developers has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation.  For the first time in Pakistan, Al-Jalil Developers brings an offer for the public that all walks of society could notice. Up to 20% guaranteed profit for customers and investors of Marina Sports City Residencia. This news has taken the market by storm, and anyone on the bench for investing in real estate is now or has already booked their share of the gold mine. 

On 8th March, Al-Jalil Developers hosted the highly anticipated Marina Sports City Residencia - Dealer’s Night at the Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme site. The company’s dealer community, senior leadership, and esteemed business partners attended the evening. The night was filled with exciting announcements, including the deal of the century (up to 20% guaranteed profit), cash prizes, luxury cars, and performance certificates distributed among top-performing dealers. The event concluded with a mesmerizing qawwali performance by the legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

The MSCR Dealer’s Night was a memorable occasion that showcased Al-Jalil Developers’ commitment to building solid relationships with its dealer community and providing exceptional living experiences to its customers. The event provided an excellent platform for the company’s management and dealers to engage in a panel discussion. The announcement of the MSCR deal was met with great enthusiasm from the audience. Overall, it was an exciting and entertaining night for all attendees.

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