Lahore West - A new Lahore in the Making?

Lahore West - A new Lahore in the Making?

One of the oldest and most populous cities in the world; Lahore is home to millions. The city is ever-expanding with a mass influx of rural to urban migration, and hence new settlements have been forming on the city periphery to meet the needs of this growing demand for housing solutions.

A key zone for infrastructural developments is Lahore West which encircles the areas adjoining the M2 motorway including Shahdara and Sheikhupura district. Recent developmental initiatives by LDA in the region such as reconstruction of main Sagian road and a network of roads inside Shahdara district has been a welcome step towards the revival of infrastructural progress in the region. This current wave of development initiatives by the government is owing to the rapid demand for housing infrastructure as well as the proliferation of housing societies in the area.

The largest project of Lahore West, Al-Noor Orchard housing scheme has following famous sub-projects:

  1. West Marina
  2. West Marina Executive
  3. West Marina Cottages & Villas
  4. Marina Sports City
  5. Marina Sports City Residencies

While some of these housing societies provide quality infrastructure and amenities, there are also other which do not meet the minimum criteria for sound living conditions. Real estate products unlike other markets require huge investments at the customer end, and hence are high-stake and high-risk. Real estate investment in Pakistan is commonly a life are high stake, but depending upon where one invests, can either be the most secure or the most risk intensive investments. It is common for people in Pakistan to save up their entire life to make an investment in personal assets and building houses.  It is hence imperative that thorough research and market analysis is carried out before making an investment of a lifetime. Reliability is unarguably the most crucial of aspects in judging the soundness and longevity of a real estate project, and reliability is achieved by when realtors deliver on their promises.

One of the best housing projects in Lahore West which have done well in terms of establishing a reputation rooted in reliability, affordability and quality is Al Noor Orchard Housing Scheme. Al-Noor Orchard from the time of its inception till date has launched numerous sub-projects under its umbrella to suit the varying needs of its customers. This includes West Marina, Marina Sports City and more recently Marina Sports City Residencia, all of which have been hugely successful in the market on account of affordability and the quality of amenities and features. Al-Noor Orchard has launched a diverse portfolio of projects catering to different needs of various sections of the market and has been immensely successful in capturing a large section of the market.

The aim behind the launch of these real estate projects by Al Noor Orchard has been to create an opportunity for everyone to have access to a better lifestyle and is linked with the larger organizational values of striving to deliver the best for our people and communities. Al-Jalil Developers and Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme have emerged as the dominant force in the real estate market of Lahore and in particular, Lahore West. This ascendency and success can be largely attributed to the vision of developing Lahore West along the highest standard of community living, and hence has translated into great success for Al-Jalil Developers. It is hoped that this case can provide an example for emerging real estate projects in the market to deliver quality over quantity and that Lahore West can develop into a land of opportunity and prosperity for the generations to come.

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