Al-Jalil Developers is one of the leading real estate companies of Pakistan. All of its projects are hugely popular and successful including Al Jalil Garden Housing Scheme, Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme, Al-Baari Residencia and Al Aziz Residencia. We at Al-Jalil Developers never look back, from housing excellence to lifestyle extravagance, from stimulating landmarks to magnificent structures, and from sporting prowess to articulate infrastructure.

most unique in the housing and real estate sector. Al-Jalil Developers has launched a new star, it is called Lahore Entertainment City, a boundless experience of fun, happiness and joy, a society soo unique, it surrounds a theme park, soo connected, it is accessible from four major cities, soo savvy, where smart tech has a new name, soo much fun, you can amuse yourself daily.

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