West Marina Executive and Commercial Area Ballots

West Marina Executive and Commercial Area Ballots

Al-Jalil Developers is excited to announce the news of successfully conducting the ballots for West Marina Executive and West Marina Central Commercial Area on the 1st of March 2023. After the successful Grand Ballot of West Marina in May 2022, Al-Jalil Developers is proud to be able to deliver so early on all their promises for the West Marina project. We want to take this opportunity to share the glad tidings and wish our endeared customers a happy and prosperous journey towards a better lifestyle with Al-Jalil Developers.

West Marina Executive and the West Marina Central Commercial Area are premier offerings by the West Marina project. In addition to enjoying all the standard amenities and features of the West Marina community living, West Marina Executive is specifically tailored and enhanced to meet the needs of our customers who demand a higher standard of living. West Marina Executive is a dancing fountain community within West Marina and is offered as a premium housing solution emulating international standards of living. The project since its inception has received immense success on account of its high-end features as well as factors of affordability. The West Marina Central Commercial Area similarly is a high-end commercial zone located in the heart of West Marina and is designed keeping in view the international standards and conventions around planned commercial zones.

We at Al-Jalil are committed to developing a relation based on trust and reliability with our customer community. The basis of this commitment is rooted in our core ambition of providing a better lifestyle for everyone. This commitment to developing a lifelong relation with our customers is what drives us to do our best in fulfilling our promises and obligations to them. The successful Ballots of West Marina Executive and Central Commercial Area, we are truly happy to have delivered on another one of our promises to our valued customers.

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