Marina Sports City Residencia: An opportunity too good to be true.

Marina Sports City Residencia: An opportunity too good to be true.

Al-Jalil Developers, a prominent real estate developer in Pakistan, has established itself as a leader in the housing and infrastructure sectors. With a strong emphasis on vigilance, quality, and customer satisfaction, the company has garnered the trust and loyalty of numerous satisfied customers.

Their portfolio boasts prestigious projects such as the Al Jalil Garden Housing Scheme and the Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme. Additionally, Al-Jalil Developers has introduced innovative projects like the West Marina by Al-Noor Orchard. To revolutionize the real estate landscape with their latest offering, Marina Sports City Residencia.

Unveiling the Deal of the Century: Al-Jalil Developers has recently made headlines with an extraordinary offer that has captured the public's attention. Marina Sports City Residencia presents an opportunity for customers and investors to enjoy up to 20% guaranteed profit. This groundbreaking news has caused excitement in the market, prompting individuals from all walks of society to secure their share of this golden investment opportunity.

The Grand Celebration - MSCR Dealer's Night

On the 8th of March, Al-Jalil Developers hosted the highly anticipated Marina Sports City Residencia - Dealer's Night at the site of Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme. The company's dealer community, senior leadership, and esteemed business partners attended the event. The evening was filled with thrilling announcements, including exceptional profit deal, cash prizes, luxury cars, and performance certificates awarded to top-performing dealers. To add a touch of grandeur, the legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan mesmerized the audience with a captivating qawwali performance. The event showcased Al-Jalil Developers' commitment to building solid relationships with its dealers and providing exceptional customer living experiences.

Marina Sports City Residencia

What's Next? After the resounding success of Marina Sports City, Al-Jalil Developers introduces their latest venture, Marina Sports City Residencia. This project promises to be the epitome of sustainability, intelligence, style, and a sports-oriented lifestyle. With a perfect blend of these elements, MSCR offers an investment opportunity with high yield potential and a desired return on investment. 

Key Features of MSC Residencia:

  1. Pakistan's First Sports University: MSCR Sports University aims to prepare the champions of tomorrow. This educational institution offers professional athletes, coaches and support staff the opportunity to study sports as a discipline. MSCR contributes to developing a skilled and well-informed sporting community through professional sporting studies, programs, certifications and diplomas in all significant sports.
  1. Pakistan's First Sports Museum: This sports archives facility celebrates and preserves notable sporting moments, sports personalities and recognitions in Pakistan. With a digital sports library, trophies and awards showcase and a wealth of information on sports, the museum becomes a treasure trove of knowledge for those who appreciate the history of Pakistan's sporting achievements.
  1. Sports Rehab Centre: MSCR Sports Rehab Center provides comprehensive physical and psychological rehabilitation services for sportspeople. With state-of-the-art facilities, highly qualified consultants and doctors, this fully equipped medical facility aims to nurture, cure and rehabilitate injured athletes and sports enthusiasts.
  1. Golf Course View Homes: Marina Sports City Residencia offers a breathtaking view of an 18-hole international standard golf course. The lush greens, modern golfing facilities, training center and highly trained coaches make this a haven for enthusiasts. Surrounding this picturesque golf course are luxurious homes that provide a scenic backdrop for a truly elite living experience.
  1. Race Course View Villas: Embracing the grace and grandeur of horse riding, Marina Sports City Residencia features the world-class MSCR Horse Club. This facility includes fully equipped stables, a polo ground, equestrian facilities, a racing course, training grounds and a grandstand. Residents can witness thrilling racing events and celebrate the prowess of their favourite stallions from the comfort of the Race Course View Villas.
  1. Kabaddi Stadium: Honoring the rich tradition and heritage of the sub-continent, Marina Sports City Residencia will host an international standard Kabaddi Stadium. This facility will be the battleground for exhilarating matches, where Kabaddi warriors display their strength and skill, captivating fans and enthusiasts alike.
  1. Drag Race Track: For those seeking an adrenaline rush, MSCR will cater to the need for speed with a competitive drag race track. Motorists, racers and enthusiasts can compete against each other, timing their runs and aiming to outpace their opponents in the quarter mile of excitement and competition. 
  1. Live Screens: Adding a touch of community spirit, MSCR will deploy Live Stream screens in all neighborhood parks. This unique feature allows residents to enjoy live matches and events while spending quality time with their loved ones and neighbours.
  1. Street Cricket Areas: Recognizing the passion for cricket in Pakistan, Marina Sports City Residencia uplifts the young community through sports by deploying pavilions, grounds and pitches. These dedicated areas promote the beloved sport of cricket and foster the development of world-class players. With an easy instalment plan starting as low as 11,000 rupees for 3, 5, 10, and 20 marlas and a 10% discount on full payment, MSCR offers attractive options for aspiring homeowners and astute investors. Please note that the prices mentioned are exclusive of development charges. Marina Sports City Residencia, developed by Al-Jalil Developers, sets a new standard for sustainable living and active lifestyles in Pakistan and offers an unparalleled residential experience.

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