West Marina- The Future of Community Living

April 14, 2022by Connect Solutions0

The culture of housing societies has skyrocketed in the last 5 years. People have become comfortable with investing in real estate and prefer to make a home in a secure gated residential community, facilitating all the urban amenities well within its boundaries.

Lahore-west especially has seen a sudden hype in the last few years and multiple housing schemes are now located in the area. Al-Noor Orchard located in Lahore-west is one of the most promising community housing, highly appreciated by the customers and realtors alike. It is the largest LDA-approved housing scheme offering uniquely elite and luxurious amenities at very affordable rates. It is the first housing community in Lahore West to introduce international trends such as lakeside apartments, fully constructed cottages & villages and modern international infrastructure to name just a few.

In 2017, Al-Jalil Developers launched Al-Noor Orchard and it quickly gained popularity among the masses. It has not only become the most favourite society in Lahore-west but it has attracted customers from all over Pakistan and overseas.

Now, Al-Noor Orchard has announced the ballot of West Marina, which is by far the record-breaking part of Al-Noor Orchard with a breath-taking Lake view, lake facing apartments, park facing apartments, a commercial area at an ideal location and all blocks are to be constructed on the most modern infrastructure according to the latest trends of international urban communities.

To deliver the best Al-Noor Orchard went to hire an international town planner. Now, Al-Noor Orchard has partnered with globally known Singapore-based firm Surbana Jurong for the town planning of West Marina.

The ballot of West Marina is announced to be held on 16 May 2022. Al-Noor Orchard is all ready to achieve a historic milestone with the success of West Marina, the most modern and luxurious housing space in Lahore-west.

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