The India–Pakistan cricket rivalry is one of the most intense sports rivalries in the world. Both teams put all their effects to get the most runs, most wickets and creating new records as the two sides prepare to meet on a cricket pitch. There is serious contention between Pakistan and India regardless that the two nations share a common love for this game drawing out a humongous fan base. These cricket matches ignite great fervor as there is never a dearth of drama and action when the two neighbors meet. Players from both teams routinely face intense pressure to win. Nothing matches the passion, exhilaration and thrill of an Indo-Pakistan series, which has become a league in itself across both sides of the borders.

The atmosphere is filled with tension, pressure and enjoyment. Al-Jalil Developers, with the sponsorship of Marina Sports City, vowed to carry a far superior occasion with this enormous Pakistan versus India screening. Marina Sports City enthralled cricket fans with the much-awaited face-off between India and Pakistan with a biggest live screening of the showdown of the Asia Cup 2022 on Sunday 28th August 2022. Fans enjoyed a stadium-like experience, the adrenaline rush and the edge of the seat gaming action that deserves the biggest screen possible. We can’t take every cricket fan to the match, but we can bring the match to the fans and give them an experience to cherish through this unique and larger-than-life viewing experience.

We are following through on our commitment and will continue to endeavor toward the outcome and success in the sports industry. Marina sports City and Khiladee Technologies agree to reinvigorate and accomplish the objectives of investing in the potential of Pakistani sports industry. Marina Sports City is creating leading-edge arenas and facilities to urge youth to take part in sports effectively. Marina Sports City is aligning our dreams on this occasion and anticipating major areas of strength for future escapades too.

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