The trends of the real estate market are continuously evolving in today’s world and are transforming the urban living arrangements and their accessibility to the masses. Now, you may not have to spend a fortune to own a beautiful home in a posh, secure, and well-maintained community. It is to make them more affordable and livable. For long-term investments, real estate is one of the safest options. Al-Jalil Developers is now bringing the most modern housing society to Sheikhupura to give you the most comfortable residence you can ever wish for. It is comprised of furnished and top-class infrastructure and has every one of the factors responsible for a grand lifestyle.

The residents of Sheikhupura never fully had the access to a modern and elite lifestyle. That’s why we are bringing our most elegant and sophisticated housing project to Sheikhupura. Al-Baari Residencia is a premium housing project based on the idea of a master-planned residential community. After the mega success of A and B block, we are now launching block C with a promise of delivering the lifestyle you craved for so long.

We are on the journey to provide our residents with the finest facilities when it comes to commercial justifys, entertainment venues and leisure activities, including commercial, infrastructural, and residential facilities. Residents will have access to a beautiful artistic Mosque, Big family Parks, Cinema Hall, Health Care facilities, and a grand Community Club.

Al-Baari Residencia is not only a housing project but it is a lifestyle hub. Chic Urban eateries and international franchises such as Salt & Pepper, Bombay Chowpati and Gloria Jean’s are soon making their way into the Al-Baari Residencia where residents can now enjoy the elite dining and café culture in Sheikhupura.

Offering a sense of pure luxury, Al-Baari Residencia is putting forth measured and calculated attempts in giving very splendid conveniences, of delivering an elite-class living experience. Al-Baari Residencia’s commitment to detail is unparalleled and its approach to delivering state-of-the-art infrastructure makes its occupants pleased proprietors of the property. The residents consider Al-Baari Residencia as the standard to measure the quality of lifestyle, planning, development, construction, and maintenance.

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