Al-Jalil Developers is the most successful venture of Al-Jalil Group of companies. It was found 20 years back when real estate industry had just started getting prominence in industrial sector of Pakistan. Over the past two decades, Al-Jalil Developers has become a real estate giant, and a trend setter of the industry by delivering three massively successful & most innovative housing projects, Al-Jalil Garden Housing Scheme, Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme and Al-Baari Residencia.
Al-Jalil Developers was started with a vision to empower the masses to lead an elevated and better lifestyle, today it is a leading contributor to the growth of Pakistan’s economy. We have set a benchmark in the infrastructure and real estate industry of Pakistan by continuously providing out-of-the-box infrastructure solutions and international standards of living for the people of Pakistan.

Al-Jalil Group of Companies is like a baby to me, and just like a baby’s growth fills parents with immense love, the same is my attachment with the organization. Today, as I write in the capacity of Chairman for Al-Jalil Group of Companies, I have the whole journey of the organization in my mind including all its ups and downs. I feel both humbled and proud at the moment when I see Al-Jalil Group of Companies in its present shape. The organization has become a conglomerate of companies whose portfolio goes far beyond transport and envelopes Real Estate.

Alternate Energy, Banking, Manufacturing, Transport, Sports, Food & Beverages, and Franchising.Al-Jalil Developers is especially very close to my heart. We took this initiative 20 years ago as a small real estate business. Back then, we had no clear idea of how to take it to a macro level, but we had a firm belief and a passionate desire to transform society in a better way. I must say that the start was not easy. We had setbacks. We had disappointments. It was not so easy to step into an industry and turn your business into a brand.  With little recognition, we have now built a strong reputation in the industry for individuals to trust Al-Jalil Developers with their investments. It took years of blood and sweat to make this mark and drive a change. Today, I feel the immense pride that Al-Jalil Developers has turned to be a big name in the real estate world. Starting from a small business, the organization has now under its scope a variety of projects that are aimed at bringing betterment in people’s lifestyles.I envisioned Al-Jalil Developers to add value to people’s lifestyles. It gives me great pleasure that so far in all of our real estate initiatives we have stood by our vision. We have a professional staff with cross-industry experience and a global perspective. Together, we are proud to provide creative solutions, ignite opportunities and strengthen the communities we work in.